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About CommuniKindred

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:23 pm

Communikindred: Sometimes things just fit. We believe there are kindred, family and friends, who we just haven’t met yet. The opportunity is here for like-minded people to make something new together; a village to call our own.


Are YOU interested in:

Environmentally sound living practices
Living off-grid
Alternative energy
Earth-friendly housing
Preparedness and survival
Having your own affordable land
Building and owning an affordable home
Growing your own organic food free of pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones
Living with neighbours who can help and watch out for you

Our Intent: To build an intentional community of like-minded people, who are interested in living simply, self-sufficiently, sustainably, in harmony with nature, on affordable land. We are about much more than just surviving. We aspire to a new, relevant way of living, as the old one is increasingly less viable anymore. This is not easy work, and is not for everyone; but, there is an emergence happening, and we know there are others out there who feel this way, too.

No building permits are required in unorganized townships, which is where we plan to settle. As time goes on this type of project will get harder to accomplish, as municipal rules change and land prices rise.

There are some things we cannot change, ways we are obliged to participate in this system, because there is no way around it. However, there are things we CAN choose to do better for ourselves.

Who we are: People who believe there is a better way. "Preppers" who believe that now is the time to make these changes, because if you know how to thrive, it's easier to survive. People concerned about the impact our species has on the environment, who feel a sense of personal responsibility. People who believe there is more to life than the daily grind, TV and video games, depending on the “global economy” (slave labour) and factory farming for our food.

Henry is the initiator of this project. With years of varied co-operative living experience, knowledge of environmentally sustainable home building and food production, and earth-friendly living practices, and the vision and drive to make this project a success. He started this group with friends who have similar goals, and they decided to share this opportunity with other interested, like-minded, future villagers.

YOU - If you are an environmentally conscious food producer, a homesteader, a prepper, a permaculture expert or amateur, have knowledge and skills to support yourself and a desire to help others, and get the same in return, ready and willing to commit to participate and move with us, our project will be a success.

If you have ever longed for these things in your life, or just a different way of life, but are concerned about your level of ability or skill, there is much information to be learned here. These things are doable, as a community.

There is reasonably priced land to build your home on, infrastructure to be built as a collective, and the goal of a community to look forward to. This is an amazing opportunity, for those who are willing to build it, and put the time and effort into discussion and creative collaboration.

We have no religious affiliation as a group; there is no spiritual agenda to push, but everyone is welcome to practice their own spiritualities in their own (non-proselytizing) way. Our likemindedness is in our longing to co-discover a more life-relevant way of being and doing.

Join the group with no obligation to have access to more specific details of the plan, including information about the property, opportunities, information on home building, infrastructure, personal needs management, ground rules and decision making procedure, and best of all, getting to know each other. Sincerely interested members who would like to commit to the project will receive specific property details, information on legal aspects and cost estimates.

There is flexibility in land use and participation levels; ask an organizer how.

PLEASE VISIT OUR MESSAGE BOARD and check out the forums - lots of valuable information to be found. Get into the conversation!

We hope you’ll join us, Our Village awaits!


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